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Axis mundi / tree of life explained

Hello friends! Before we get deeper into the topic of archaeo-astronomy and its impact on the ancient beliefs we need to define some basics. One of the starting points is definitely the so-called “axis mundi”… Continue reading

Iber, a river that tells the Aryan story

In Greco-Roman geography, Iberia was the name for a kingdom of the Southern Caucasus, centered on present-day Eastern Georgia. Its first neighbor was the kingdom of Albania while above them was the territory… Continue reading

Why had Caesar spared Vercingetorix’s life… for 5 years?

I will not describe here the well-known facts about one of the most famous conflict between Romans and Gauls – the Battle of Alesia. Many books on Celts and many documentaries deal with… Continue reading

Slavic and Etruscan cognates, Sarmatian and Albanian connection?

All of the words on this list are taken from the “Etruscan phrases” glossary by Mel Copeland, which can be found HERE. This is by no means a definite list as this glossary… Continue reading

Sarmatians, a forgotten prehistorical tribe of Europe?

Pick any book on the ancient history of Balkans and among the first known native tribes you will see Thracian, Dacian, Tribalian and Illyrian people. And while this is an indisputable fact, there… Continue reading

Mysterious origins of Boii – Gauls, Slavs… or something different?

I will try to make this text short and simple as usual, but there is just so much to say about the Boii tribe and it is all really interesting! Here are some… Continue reading