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Orion worship – part 3 – Nordic Aryans (Ymir,Yama, Gayomart)

One would expect the star lore of the ancient Norse to be at least equally rich as that of the other ancient nations. And certainly, this must be the case, if anything, because this land… Continue reading

Orion worship – part 2 – Dyonisus, St. Valentine, and Archangel Michael

Roughly between 2500 and 500BC (approximations) the “celestial cross” of equinoxes and solstices looked like this: Winter solstice was in Capricorn Spring equinox was in Aries Summer solstice was in Cancer Fall equinox… Continue reading

Thracian Ezerovo ring inscription

After flourishing for several millennia on the Balkan peninsula, Thracian language ceased to exist somewhere around the 5th century AD. Thracian was without any doubt an Indo-European language, but scholars are still indecisive… Continue reading

The untold stories of the Merovingian dynasty

The story of France begins in the middle of the 5th century AD with the Merovingians,  a royal dynasty that ruled the Franks for almost three centuries. But even though this dynasty was… Continue reading

Armenia, homeland of the Germans?

According to Online etymology dictionary “Germany” means: “of the same parents or grandparents,” c. 1300, from Old French germain “own, full; born of the same mother and father; closely related” (12c.), from Latin… Continue reading

Phrygians, ancestors of the Kurds

Origins of Kurds are shrouded in mystery for most of the historians, and since Kurds are currently stuck in the middle of a very hot political situation, it is highly unlikely that any… Continue reading

Iber, a river that tells the Aryan story

In Greco-Roman geography, Iberia was the name for a kingdom of the Southern Caucasus, centered on present-day Eastern Georgia. Its first neighbor was the kingdom of Albania while above them was the territory… Continue reading

Sarmatians, a forgotten prehistorical tribe of Europe?

Pick any book on the ancient history of Balkans and among the first known native tribes you will see Thracian, Dacian, Tribalian and Illyrian people. And while this is an indisputable fact, there… Continue reading

Bes, Egyptian God that is not Egyptian

Statues of Bes can be seen in virtually every Egyptian exposition there is, that is how popular he was in ancient Egypt. Here are some quick facts about him: Bes was a protector god,… Continue reading

Who really built Singidunum, modern day Belgrade?

BASICS: The oldest recorded name of ancient Belgrade is Singidun, apparently first attested in the 3rd century BC. Before that, we know that the area itself was inhabited continuously since Paleolithic trough Vinca… Continue reading