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Meditations on the Indus script – part 1 – the Keśin

I am sure that most of my readers are already familiar with the Indus script, and therefore I will save you from a long introduction. (Those who are not familiar can click here.)… Continue reading

Universe according to Pythagoras – pt. 1 – Tetractys

The mystery of creation and our place in it – a subject probably as old as the homo sapiens, and the one that was highly revered by the wise men whose thoughts left… Continue reading

Orion worship – part 3 – Nordic Aryans (Ymir,Yama, Gayomart)

One would expect the star lore of the ancient Norse to be at least equally rich as that of the other ancient nations. And certainly, this must be the case, if anything, because this land… Continue reading

Garden of Eden in astrotheology

Polaris is currently very close to the north celestial pole, and for this reason it is our North star. But this was not always the case. Due to the phenomena known as precession… Continue reading

The great riddle of a seven-headed figure

Can a 7000 petroglyph be deciphered? How old is the Brahmi alphabet? What is the symbolic of the Indo-European seven-headed deity and how did it reach Mesoamerica?