On Slavic connections with… Buddha?

Name and physical characteristics: Buddha means “awakened” and the only cognate in all Indo-European languages is a Slavic word “budan”, with the same meaning. Buda is also a Slavic personal name, together with… Continue reading

Why had Caesar spared Vercingetorix’s life… for 5 years?

I will not describe here the well-known facts about one of the most famous conflict between Romans and Gauls – the Battle of Alesia. Many books on Celts and many documentaries deal with… Continue reading

On Aryan origins of Europe

What does the word Aryan mean? According to the official etymology it means “noble”. Somehow it seems that ever since Hitler’s ideology of white race supremacy this word leaves a bad taste in… Continue reading

Slavic and Etruscan cognates, Sarmatian and Albanian connection?

All of the words on this list are taken from the “Etruscan phrases” glossary by Mel Copeland, which can be found HERE. This is by no means a definite list as this glossary… Continue reading

Sarmatians, a forgotten prehistorical tribe of Europe?

Pick any book on the ancient history of Balkans and among the first known native tribes you will see Thracian, Dacian, Tribalian and Illyrian people. And while this is an indisputable fact, there… Continue reading

Dispilio tablet deciphered – a proof of the oldest script in the world?

The Dispilio tablet is a wooden tablet bearing inscribed markings, dated to 5260 ± 40 BC. It was discovered in 1993 in a Neolithic lakeshore settlement near the modern village of Dispilio, in… Continue reading

Genetics speaks – Who is who on Balkans

When it comes to genes one thing is certain – it is every man for himself. There is no such thing as a genetically pure nation. However, some patterns can be observed by… Continue reading

Mysterious origins of Boii – Gauls, Slavs… or something different?

I will try to make this text short and simple as usual, but there is just so much to say about the Boii tribe and it is all really interesting! Here are some… Continue reading

Latin and Slavic cognates, Top 15 (updated to 30)

There are literary hundreds of Latin words in all European languages and we can easily trace their origins back to the times when Roman legions were making way for the civilization as we… Continue reading

Bes, Egyptian God that is not Egyptian

Statues of Bes can be seen in virtually every Egyptian exposition there is, that is how popular he was in ancient Egypt. Here are some quick facts about him: Bes was a protector god,… Continue reading