Did Serbs construct the tower of Babel?

Wait!!! Before you start throwing rocks at me I have to tell you that this is not my idea – it comes from a famous medieval text – “the chronicle of Dalimil”! Still,… Continue reading

English and Slavic word parallels, TOP 10 list

We all know that most languages of Europe belong to a big Indo-European family and therefore it is not strange to find some words which are common for English and Slavic languages. On… Continue reading

Who really built Singidunum, modern day Belgrade?

BASICS: The oldest recorded name of ancient Belgrade is Singidun, apparently first attested in the 3rd century BC. Before that, we know that the area itself was inhabited continuously since Paleolithic trough Vinca… Continue reading

My Top 10 list of Linear B words still used in Balkans

Ok, Ok, I know, Slavic languages belong to Indo-European family so it is not strange to find these sorts of similarities… Anyway, studying the script I have found many words that sounded familiar… Continue reading

Tărtăria tablets. Is Vinca (proto) Linear B script?

i BASICS: The Tărtăria tablets are three tablets, discovered in 1961. at a Neolithic site in the village of Tărtăria, Romania, buried together with the burnt, broken, and disarticulated bones of an adult male, if not that… Continue reading